What is GISAPI.io?

GISAPI.io is an API enabling developers to build geospatial data discovery into their applications. The API pulls data from a database that contains 740,000 layers from 1,700 unique data sources. 

Getting Started

Start building right away by using either the Python or JavaScript Software Development Kits (SDK). These SDKs make it super easy to use the API in your project with just a few lines of code.

Python SDK

The GISAPI-SDK can be installed using pip and then imported into your project. 

Learn how to use to Python SDK

JavaScript SDK

The JS will be released soon.


The data GISAPI.io serves comes from the databased built and maintained by the GISData.io. The GISData.io team built a geospatial data indexing pipeline that collects metadata from publicly available ArcREST Servers and stores it. GISAPI.io is built by the same team to enable developers to easily access the data and fulfill its mission of making geospatial data more accessible. To learn more about GISData.io and its development check out the changelog.